Doku Umarov

Doku Umarov, who is recognized being an Islamist rebel leader in Russia but across the globe rather, is being discussed today because of Umarov’s most recent video release. It has been stated by Umarov in this recently surfaced video that a suicide bombing order was given by this Islamist leader that eventually resulted in killing nearly 36 people.

This suicide bombing order was actually given by Doku Umarov to be done at one of busiest Russia’s airports in the month of January, 2011. This recent video of this in-discussion Islamist rebel leader may be visited on a local (Russian) Islamist website which is recognized as Umarov may be seen stating in this recently uploaded video on the above mentioned website that further such attacks may also be executed or done.

Doku Umarov further detailed that these forthcoming suicide bombing attacks may be done only in intention of pursuing their own or you may say independent Muslim state. This intended Muslim state would be run in the region known as Caucasus region of Russia but purely as per the law defined in Sharia. This Caucasus region is a territory that will be included Dagestan as well as Chechnya and some other nearby territories in the proposed Muslim state.

This in-discussion video of Doku Umarov is being described as filmed on or around January 24 as it was the day when the suicide bombing attack was made by Umarov’s suicide bomber at the Domodedovo Airport of Moscow. Umarov is seen talking hesitantly as well as quietly while wearing a fatigues known as combat fatigues.

Saharan Cheetah

A kind elusive or mysterious Saharan Cheetah also known as desert cat was captured by a hidden camera while in Niger, Africa. This type of Saharan Cheetah is very famous for its distinctive pale coat that gives it a withered appearance.

The rare cat in question was spotted by the cameras installed by ‘Sahara Conservation Fund’ staff working under the supervision of John Newby the CEO. John’s men are currently working with a team that’s looking for these rare animals. The ghostly cat was never expected to show up there since as per John; they were supposed to be in the general area alongside other cheetahs.

John stated that it made the entire team happy and excited to see the images lately and the same surprised them as well. John explained that cheetah tracks were spotted by his team only the general area(s) on numerous occasions. He further added it was lucky of them to have even pictures of rare animal since the area is too vast to pick up one particular species such as Saharan Cheetah.

A fairly good judgment is required in order to fix the cameras though, John added, yet the luck played more important role in this particular case. Being so rare a species, the scientists find it difficult to learn whether how the cat in any way, relates genetically to other cheetahs. Even the question whether how many of these rare animals now exist on this earth; remains a question unanswered.

The camera-trap rare snapshots of the rare animal were captured between July and August this year and by the time of this writing; hundreds of thousands have seen the same on the wire, already.

Obama Tucson Speech

Obama Tucson speech is currently being discussed widely in almost every US circle on every forum because this historical speech of Mr. President was in honor of those victims of the American nation who actually died last Saturday in a terrorist attack happened in the Tucson area. This Obama Tucson speech was delivered yesterday at University of Arizona by Mr. President.

Mr. Obama’s appearance in Tucson was in intention to preside the memorial service which especially was organized by the management of University of Arizona just in intention to give tribute to the Saturday shooting’s victims who died because of a shooting rampage that happened in Tucson area on this past Saturday. This shooting rampage also left seriously injured one of the notorious political figure, known as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The heroic behavior’s display of the dead person during this past Saturday’s shooting rampage was widely appreciated in Mr. Obama’s Tucson speech yesterday. “Congress on your Corner” was the name of meet-and-greet meeting which was especially designed for the constituents shortly after the Saturday’s saddest shooting incident which actually was in the honor of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who got seriously or severely injured herself in this incident.

It is further being stated about Obama Tucson speech that Mr. President also commented on Daniel Hernandez and described this youngster being nation’s hero for excellent rescuing work done by Hernandez. The condition of Rep. Giffords has not been detailed by any speaker during this especially designed memorial service but her medial condition is pretty hopeful.


According to reports Flight 883 of AeroCaribbean has gone down on Thursday in one of Santi Spiritus province’s nearby village Guasimal. It has been confirmed by the Cuban authorities that following the crash, the AeroCaribbean airliner smashed into pieces thus killing all 68 passengers aboard.

There were as many as 61 passengers onboard alongside flight crew consisting of 7 people on the flight 883 while the destination of airliner leaving from Santiago de Cuba was the Cuban Capital. The tragic accident occurred in the mountainous Guasimal territory, a small eastern village.

The reports reveal that the airport authorities received an emergency signal from the plane on Thursday evening though but almost right after that; the plane struck against some rocky mountain and crashed. Further, the subsequent reports suggested that 28 out of 68 dead in the accident; were foreigners.

According to the latest statement issued on Friday by the Civil Aviation Authority of Cuba, there were no chances of any survivors. Meanwhile, the list of unfortunate victims has also been finalized and released according to which 28 foreigners belonged to Argentina, Mexico, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Venezuela, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Following the fatal crash the aircraft caught fire immediately thus leaving no chances of survival of any of the person aboard. Later on there were pictures released on media that showed a large piece of the unfortunate airliner still engulfed in flames while the rescue workers attempting to extinguish the fire.

The last contact from the airliner was made at 5:42 PM, informed the airport authorities. However, later on there was no subsequent contact possible for the air traffic control personnel.


It is being reported about Tonga, which is recognized being a tiny island on the Pacific Ocean, that the residents of this small island were allowed to cast their votes just to or in order to elect their parliament on Thursday. Further reports about this vote casting news of this Pacific island are claiming that the parliament that resulted as a result of this vote casting would be the first elected parliament of the island.

King George Tupou V, who is recognized being the king of Tonga Island, stated this vote casting day on their small island being the greatest day of the island history. Overall voters of this tiny island of Pacific Ocean are 42,000 and their Thursday votes are going to elect overall 17 parliament members out of total 26 members. Remaining 9 members of this island’s parliament will be the nobility of the kingdom.

“Steady” was the term which was stated by the electoral officials for this Tonga vote casting process. Now the results that are categorized under provisional results’ category will be surfaced expectedly in the night on Thursday. Previously the parliament members of this Pacific Ocean’s island were selected to run government affairs by the monarch.

Even cabinet as well as the prime minister of the Tonga Island were also selected by the king or ruler of that island. The island’s king addressed ahead of polling to his nation and stated this voting day on island as the greatest in this island’s history as parliament members will be chosen by the island’s people instead of king.

Verizon iPhone

Several reports about Verizon iPhone are claiming that an announcement by Verizon has been made yesterday in which company claimed that the sale of iPhone 4 would be started by very soon probably in the coming month. It was stated by Lowell McAdam, who is recognized being Verizon’s president, at this occasion that the two leading innovators of this mobile phone industry are shaking their hands to deliver something very much awaited by the worldwide consumers for years.

Further reports about Verizon iPhone are claiming that now probably a newer version of this notorious iPhone product would be created by Apple Inc. just in intention to serve the Verizon customers or consumers as the users or consumers of Verizon are used to with CDMA technology. But currently existing iPhones do not allow to be used in CDMA technology as they have been designed by keeping GSM network in mind.

It is also being stated about Verizon iPhone that the preorder of this upcoming Verizon product would be started by the company from February 3 for all the existing consumers or customers of Verizon. But the general preordering of this upcoming Verizon product for everyone would be started by the company from February 10.

The cost of this upcoming Verizon iPhone is being described as USD $199 which would be a 16-gigabyte version of iPhone and would be supported CDMA technology only. This newer product would be offered by Verizon with a contract of two years while the cost of 32-gigabyte version of the same product would be USD $299.

Robert Louis Stevenson Biography

Robert Louis Stevenson biography is becoming the top rated discussion today only because of recently seen Google Doodle on the front page of this mega or I must say world renowned or biggest search engine. This Doodle is made and displayed by Google only because of this famous personality’s 160th birthday which is being celebrated today. The updated logo of Google can be seen on this special occasion to honor this historical personality.

This Google Doodle image is actually based on the image of Treasure Island just to honor Stevenson on this special event of his 160th birthday. As per the Robert Louis Stevenson biography details, this famous writer and author of history was born on 13th of November in year 1850 in the area of Edinburgh. Stevenson got worldwide fame for writing or creating Treasure Island which was actually portraying the buried treasures of pirates.

Though some other works of Stevenson were also very popular and are still popular among readers but Treasure Island was most popular against his name. Other works of Stevenson were included “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and the famous one “Kidnapped”. As per the Robert Louis Stevenson biography details, Stevenson died after suddenly collapsing in Samoa.

Samoa was the place where Stevenson lived for nearly four years or I must say last years of his life at the 44 years of age. Engineering field had been selected by Stevenson in year 1867 for his higher or further studies and University of Edinburgh had been selected for the purpose.