Doku Umarov

Doku Umarov, who is recognized being an Islamist rebel leader in Russia but across the globe rather, is being discussed today because of Umarov’s most recent video release. It has been stated by Umarov in this recently surfaced video that a suicide bombing order was given by this Islamist leader that eventually resulted in killing nearly 36 people.

This suicide bombing order was actually given by Doku Umarov to be done at one of busiest Russia’s airports in the month of January, 2011. This recent video of this in-discussion Islamist rebel leader may be visited on a local (Russian) Islamist website which is recognized as Umarov may be seen stating in this recently uploaded video on the above mentioned website that further such attacks may also be executed or done.

Doku Umarov further detailed that these forthcoming suicide bombing attacks may be done only in intention of pursuing their own or you may say independent Muslim state. This intended Muslim state would be run in the region known as Caucasus region of Russia but purely as per the law defined in Sharia. This Caucasus region is a territory that will be included Dagestan as well as Chechnya and some other nearby territories in the proposed Muslim state.

This in-discussion video of Doku Umarov is being described as filmed on or around January 24 as it was the day when the suicide bombing attack was made by Umarov’s suicide bomber at the Domodedovo Airport of Moscow. Umarov is seen talking hesitantly as well as quietly while wearing a fatigues known as combat fatigues.

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