Verizon iPhone

Several reports about Verizon iPhone are claiming that an announcement by Verizon has been made yesterday in which company claimed that the sale of iPhone 4 would be started by very soon probably in the coming month. It was stated by Lowell McAdam, who is recognized being Verizon’s president, at this occasion that the two leading innovators of this mobile phone industry are shaking their hands to deliver something very much awaited by the worldwide consumers for years.

Further reports about Verizon iPhone are claiming that now probably a newer version of this notorious iPhone product would be created by Apple Inc. just in intention to serve the Verizon customers or consumers as the users or consumers of Verizon are used to with CDMA technology. But currently existing iPhones do not allow to be used in CDMA technology as they have been designed by keeping GSM network in mind.

It is also being stated about Verizon iPhone that the preorder of this upcoming Verizon product would be started by the company from February 3 for all the existing consumers or customers of Verizon. But the general preordering of this upcoming Verizon product for everyone would be started by the company from February 10.

The cost of this upcoming Verizon iPhone is being described as USD $199 which would be a 16-gigabyte version of iPhone and would be supported CDMA technology only. This newer product would be offered by Verizon with a contract of two years while the cost of 32-gigabyte version of the same product would be USD $299.

Robert Louis Stevenson Biography

Robert Louis Stevenson biography is becoming the top rated discussion today only because of recently seen Google Doodle on the front page of this mega or I must say world renowned or biggest search engine. This Doodle is made and displayed by Google only because of this famous personality’s 160th birthday which is being celebrated today. The updated logo of Google can be seen on this special occasion to honor this historical personality.

This Google Doodle image is actually based on the image of Treasure Island just to honor Stevenson on this special event of his 160th birthday. As per the Robert Louis Stevenson biography details, this famous writer and author of history was born on 13th of November in year 1850 in the area of Edinburgh. Stevenson got worldwide fame for writing or creating Treasure Island which was actually portraying the buried treasures of pirates.

Though some other works of Stevenson were also very popular and are still popular among readers but Treasure Island was most popular against his name. Other works of Stevenson were included “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and the famous one “Kidnapped”. As per the Robert Louis Stevenson biography details, Stevenson died after suddenly collapsing in Samoa.

Samoa was the place where Stevenson lived for nearly four years or I must say last years of his life at the 44 years of age. Engineering field had been selected by Stevenson in year 1867 for his higher or further studies and University of Edinburgh had been selected for the purpose.