It is being reported about Tonga, which is recognized being a tiny island on the Pacific Ocean, that the residents of this small island were allowed to cast their votes just to or in order to elect their parliament on Thursday. Further reports about this vote casting news of this Pacific island are claiming that the parliament that resulted as a result of this vote casting would be the first elected parliament of the island.

King George Tupou V, who is recognized being the king of Tonga Island, stated this vote casting day on their small island being the greatest day of the island history. Overall voters of this tiny island of Pacific Ocean are 42,000 and their Thursday votes are going to elect overall 17 parliament members out of total 26 members. Remaining 9 members of this island’s parliament will be the nobility of the kingdom.

“Steady” was the term which was stated by the electoral officials for this Tonga vote casting process. Now the results that are categorized under provisional results’ category will be surfaced expectedly in the night on Thursday. Previously the parliament members of this Pacific Ocean’s island were selected to run government affairs by the monarch.

Even cabinet as well as the prime minister of the Tonga Island were also selected by the king or ruler of that island. The island’s king addressed ahead of polling to his nation and stated this voting day on island as the greatest in this island’s history as parliament members will be chosen by the island’s people instead of king.

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