According to reports Flight 883 of AeroCaribbean has gone down on Thursday in one of Santi Spiritus province’s nearby village Guasimal. It has been confirmed by the Cuban authorities that following the crash, the AeroCaribbean airliner smashed into pieces thus killing all 68 passengers aboard.

There were as many as 61 passengers onboard alongside flight crew consisting of 7 people on the flight 883 while the destination of airliner leaving from Santiago de Cuba was the Cuban Capital. The tragic accident occurred in the mountainous Guasimal territory, a small eastern village.

The reports reveal that the airport authorities received an emergency signal from the plane on Thursday evening though but almost right after that; the plane struck against some rocky mountain and crashed. Further, the subsequent reports suggested that 28 out of 68 dead in the accident; were foreigners.

According to the latest statement issued on Friday by the Civil Aviation Authority of Cuba, there were no chances of any survivors. Meanwhile, the list of unfortunate victims has also been finalized and released according to which 28 foreigners belonged to Argentina, Mexico, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Venezuela, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Following the fatal crash the aircraft caught fire immediately thus leaving no chances of survival of any of the person aboard. Later on there were pictures released on media that showed a large piece of the unfortunate airliner still engulfed in flames while the rescue workers attempting to extinguish the fire.

The last contact from the airliner was made at 5:42 PM, informed the airport authorities. However, later on there was no subsequent contact possible for the air traffic control personnel.

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